Women’s Elite Soccer Opportunity in the USA

Women’s Elite Soccer Opportunity in the USA

Expanding the business here at DB Sports Tours has become an increasingly prominent theme over the past 12 months, but even more so the breaking down of barriers whenever possible has been at the forefront of our work.

Be it the Champions Cup where youth footballers from all over the island of Ireland play against each other or bringing American soccer clubs to Europe, we hope to bring together people through the medium of youth football.

Today we have news of more company expansion which equally breaks down barriers – and furthering the development of women’s soccer; women soccer players now have the opportunity to travel to Hilton Head Island, a region part of South Carolina, USA, to come and join the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) at Beaufort Country F.C.

This opportunity will take place from May – June 2017, where participants will get to compete in the second tier of women’s soccer in the USA. Whilst playing at the Hilton Head you will have the opportunity to be scouted by college coaches, as well as several links arising to the NWSL, the highest tier of women’s soccer in the USA.

Accommodation will be provided through several formats for all participants; host families, local players’ homes or College campus provide homes will all be options, with accommodation likely to be in relatively close proximity to the beach. Furthermore, there will be the opportunity of part-time summer jobs for all participants for squad members.

Beaufort County F.C. provides a unique opportunity for elite women’s soccer players in the US to catch their break in the beautiful game. If interested in applying send all playing CV’s to david@dbsportstours.com (video is preferred). In the meantime you can keep up to date our regularly updated blog here, with new regarding soccer trips and player agency news to name but a few topics.



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