Wellington Phoenix Set For 15,000 km team tour to Europe in May

Wellington Phoenix Set For 15,000 km team tour to Europe in May

Broadening the reach of our work has been an increasingly prominent theme of our work here at DB Sports Tours in recent years. Whether it’s breaking into the US soccer market or even venturing into rugby, we are looking to expand, refine, and improve.

Our latest venture is looking far and wide – all the way to New Zealand in fact. Indeed, our latest team trip will be our longest – Wellington Phoenix are set to travel to Spain (over 12,000 km) and then Portugal to experience one of our most coveted team trips.

Taking place from May 5 – 15th of 2017, Wellington Phoenix will travel to Spain to take part in elite training sessions carried out by pro licence coaches, go sightseeing in Barcelona, take in some live La Liga action at the Camp Nou and go see the Barcelona museum, take part in the Galicia F7 Cup an invitational only tournament, and play two other matches against top Spanish opposition.

Working together with Wellington Phoenix we have been able to provide the opportunity of a lifetime for their under-12 side on this truly unique team tour. For ten days this team trip will bring this group to two different European cities known for their statue in the football world, taking part in a new and exciting soccer tournament, take in elite level La Liga action, and so much more.

This team trip for Wellington Phoenix has been moulded by our work in Spain in recent years, but the longer nature of the trip means we have provided the group with the ultimate team tour. With elite level facilities, coaches, individual matches, a tournament and even some set time for sightseeing we have designed the true football tour experience.

Everyone here at DB Sports Tours would like to wish everyone coming on the trip from New Zealand a merry Christmas and we look forward to meeting them on their trip next May.

If you are interested in arranging a similar team tour for your team don’t hesitate, just check out our contact page here. In the meantime you can also keep up to date with all company news by checking out our busy blog here.


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