Term & Conditions

In these terms and Conditions, the Company shall mean DB Tours Ltd, a company registered according to the company laws of the Republic of Ireland. The ‘Client’ shall mean the person who has signed a booking form and each person named in the booking form.
These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter ‘the Terms’) constitute a binding legal agreement which govern your contractual arrangements and/or order for services with DB Tours Ltd which is a trading name of DB Tours (hereinafter, the “Company”, “We”, “our” or “us”). Please read these Terms carefully as they relate to your rights and liabilities set forth herein and under any other applicable laws.
These Terms governs every tour you place with DB Tours Ltd and by placing any such order, you accept to be legally bound by the Terms as stipulated herein. These Terms do not extinguish your existing legal rights or absolve you from your legal obligations.
The Terms & Conditions set out in this form are also contained in our marketing materials, confirmation invoice and/or the itinerary.
“Company”, “We”, or “us” refers to DB Tours Ltd.
“Client” refers to a person who has filled out, signed and submitted a tour booking form and includes a person who books on behalf of group.

a. All bookings made through DB Sports Tours are made with DB Tours Ltd and may times come under the banner of DBS Rugby Tours or DBS Hockey Tours.
b. The Client is the person signing/submitting the booking form either individually or on behalf of the group. Where an individual client makes a booking for and on behalf of a group, the client represents and warrants that he has full authority to consent to and enter into this agreement on behalf of the group and all obligations and references to the client(s) apply to the entire group.
c. Where a group leader secures a booking on behalf of the group, the group leader accepts all terms & conditions on behalf of all party members and confirms that s/he has the permission of each member of the tour party (for minors, the permission of a parent/guardian) to deal and or contract with us on group’s behalf and that all members are aware of and have agreed to these conditions.
d. There shall be no binding contract between DB Tours Ltd and the client until the client has duly completed, signed and submitted a booking form accompanied by the required advance deposit and confirmation that the client has read and accepts these Terms and conditions. Where faxed or posted copies of the booking form cannot be made, you accept that e-mail is satisfactory communication and commits you to progress the booking.

e. Any modification of these Terms shall only be effective if made and agreed in writing by the DB Tours Ltd. No promises, alteration, modification or addition can be made onto or included in these Terms without express consent of the Company.

a. The Client shall be responsible to ensure that travel documents, including visas and passports where applicable, and/or vaccinations required for the tour, are obtained in advance and are in good order. The Company does not accept responsibility for the Clients failure to have required travel documents.
b. If the client considers any document to be proper or has a query in relation to its contents, the client shall as soon as possible notify the retailer or organizer of his concern.
c. It is the obligation of the client to inform DB Tours immediately if they or a member of their group wishes to cancel.
d. The client shall be responsible to furnish all relevant information required to the proper and successful organisation of the trip offered to DB Tours. These include preferred destinations and activities, special needs and concerns such as dietary needs, mobility aid, physical, sensory or mental disability and any other information about the group or members of which that is relevant for proper enjoyment of the tour.

a. When you book online with DB Tours Ltd , you will get a confirmation of your tour as soon as your booking is processed by the Company. It can take a maximum of ___working days. When you book online, you confirm that you accept the price, itinerary and terms and conditions for the tour as specified in the in the itinerary.
b. The client signing the booking form and handling communications with DB Tours Ltd. is responsible for collecting and making all payments for the group. If he/she is not in a position to do this, they must appoint someone else from the group to collect all relevant monies and make relevant payments to DB Tours Ltd.

c. Unless otherwise agreed, an advance deposit of 10% from each client is required when confirming a booking with DB Tours Ltd. A higher percentage deposit may be required for certain groups. Where a trip includes making a higher percentage deposit, it will be clearly indicated in the tour invoice presented to the group at the time of booking.
d. The full balance of the tour price shall be paid not less than 6 weeks prior to the date of departure.
e. If DB Tours Ltd. does not receive the full amount outstanding by the due date, DB Tours Ltd shall have the right to treat the booking as cancelled and cancellation charges shall be incurred by the Client.
f. All deposits are non-refundable.
g. Bookings made within 6 weeks of departure date must be paid in full at the time of booking.

a. Our prices are based on costs and exchange rates as of ___. DB Tours Ltd. reserves the right to pass on any increases due to fluctuation in currency exchange rates, government taxes or levies or other charges imposed by tour services providers.
b. By Government action included a new tax in the Republic of Ireland or abroad, or an increase in an existing tax or levy, or a catastrophe such as war, which causes major disruption to oil supplies. DB Tours Ltd. reserves the right to surcharge you for any increase in fuel or other costs at any time up to 30 days before your departure. Alterations in currency exchange rates will also be taken into consideration. Unless otherwise stated, the payment does not include the cost of drinks, food, admission, transfers, parking charges, porterage, fees, contributions and/or any other items that are not referred to on the booking form.
c. The company accept payments with major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard (for Americans specify if American Express is accepted) as well as cash, PayPal, wire transfer. Please read our FAQ for more information.
d. Credit card payments to DB Tours Ltd. will carry a 3% processing surcharge.

a. In the event of cancellation, you must notify us either by recorded email, letter or fax as soon as possible. In certain circumstances, where DB Tours Ltd. requests, cancellation must be made by letter. Cancellation of a booking is effective only when received in writing by DB Tours Ltd. from the person who has made and/or confirmed the booking with DB Tours Ltd.
b. Deposits are non-refundable. If a cancellation takes place at any time up to six weeks prior to departure, no monies will be refunded.
c. Please remember that many risks for cancellation (other than disinclination to travel) are covered by travel insurance generally. You are advised to clarify these particulars with your insurance company.
d. In the unlikely event of DB Tours Ltd. having to cancel an excursion for any reason whatsoever, a full refund of all monies paid will be made. However, where available, you may opt to transfer monies paid to an alternative excursion.
e. Where a cancellation is due to injury or illness, a medical documentation will be required to justify any request refunds from contracted suppliers.
f. The company does not offer any refunds for airline tickets purchased via the company. Refunds for flights are at the sole discretion and policies of the contracted airlines.
g. A minimum cancellation fee will be applied and refunds are dependent on the negotiated resolution with suppliers. Please our FAQ for more information.

a. For packages where travel is by coach and ferry, deposits and other payments of any member cancelling may be transferred to a replacement person up to 72 hours prior to departure. Name changes will be subject to a fee and must be notified in writing. Note that travel insurance cannot be transferred to another person and a new policy for the replacement person(s) will be required.
b. For packages involving flight travel, see 19(b).
c. The consumer who transfers a holiday booking to another person and the transferee will be jointly and severally liable for the payment of any balance due for the package and a substitution fee may be applied.

a. For events by coach and ferry travel, where, prior to departure, a match/event/fixture is changed, transferred, or postponed by the organizer for any reason whatsoever and beyond control of DB Tours Ltd., it is hereby agreed that all monies will be transferred to the new date without question. No refunds are available in these circumstances.
b. Name substitution may be subject to Condition 8(a) above. If departure has occurred prior to notification of such changes outlined herein, the tour will proceed as a leisure break and a refund of entrance fees will be provided on return.
c. For events involving air travel, where an event/fixture is changed, transferred, or postponed for any reason whatsoever, the tour will proceed as a leisure break unless the airline can provide flights without any increase in costs or imposition of penalties for the new dates involved.
d. As regards events in which DB Tours provides match tickets and hotel accommodation only, should there be changes, cancellations, postponements or transfers of matches, the costs of accommodation are not refundable. DB Tours will endeavour to obtain refunds on the match ticket element, but this will be subject to such refunds being made available to DB Tours initially.

9. CLIENTS RESPONSIBILITIES: It shall be the responsibility of the client:
a. To ensure that all members of the group are informed about these terms and conditions and the booking/program details.
b. To take full responsibility for client side administration and be responsible for the accuracy of information supplied. Some of the activities provided by DB Tours Ltd. as part of the program require an element of physical activity on the part of the group. The client will ensure that all members of the group are physically able to take part in the program, suffer no disabilities or conditions that may impair, restrict or endanger their involvement or that of other members of the group’s involvement in the program. If any member of the group has any disabilities or ailments that may prohibit or limit their participation in certain activities it is the client’s responsibility to inform DB Tours Ltd. of such.
c. Keep and adhere to activity timetables. Failure to keep to the timetables may result in either discontinuation of the event/activity or cancellation of the program in either case DB Tours Ltd. will not be liable for any refund, compensation or any other costs that may be incurred.
d. To ensure that all members of the group act at all times in a safe, responsible and courteous manner, comply with all safety procedures (for the avoidance of doubt this includes an appropriate level of sobriety), listen and be present at all safety and information briefings relevant to the program’s activities, make supervisors or any person in authority immediately aware of any equipment or site deficiencies or concerns, as well as of any injury, ailment, disability of a group member that may impede/prohibit/limit their participation or that of the group as a whole, dress and/or equip themselves suitably for any event or activity as advised by DB Tours Ltd. and/or its suppliers or vendors (failing which as is deemed appropriate or suitable in the circumstances), and observe and obey all laws, requests (including the signing of any disclaimer) and conditions of use of any supplier or vendors, including accommodation and entertainment venues.
e. Where a security deposit for accidental damages is required by DB Tours Ltd. or any of its suppliers or vendors, this deposit will be paid by the client. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the retrieval of this deposit on completion of the journey/stay/activity or related occasion.
f. Clients shall bear responsibility for their own conduct while participating in a tour/excursion/trip/party/event. DB Tours Ltd. does not condone or take responsibility for any unlawful, illegal, disorderly or offensive behaviour displayed by clients.

a. If ferries are cancelled prior to departure, DB Tours Ltd. will do everything in its power and control to get you or your group to the said destination by arranging alternative ferry routes or sailings. The Company reserves the right to change ferry routes accordingly in order to make up any time lost due to any cancellation.
b. DB Tours Ltd. cannot be held responsible for late arrival at or missing an event due reasons beyond the DBT reasonable control.
c. Refunds will not be given except when DB Tours Ltd. receives refunds from suppliers.

a. While DB Tours Ltd. At all times endeavours to satisfy clients’ requirements, nevertheless, because of changing circumstances, DB Tours Ltd. must reserve the right to make alterations to any booking made. If, for any reason, the details of your tour/excursion/trip/party/event have to be changed before departure, DB Tours Ltd. will inform you as soon as possible.
b. If any changes would substantially alter your our/excursion/trip/party/event and you do not wish to accept it, DB Tours Ltd. will offer you the alternative of accepting services or accommodation of comparable standard to those originally booked or a full refund of all monies paid (except in the circumstances outlined in condition 6.)

a. We recommend that every Client travelling with DB Tours has Travel Insurance cover. All insurance is exclusively the responsibility of the Client. Before a Client begins a trip/tour, the Client should arrange his/her own insurance with protection for the entire duration of the travel to cover for personal injury, damage and loss of personal items, medical expenses, repatriation expenses or loss of luggage. If a Client falls ill, all medical and related expenses including doctor’s fees and repatriation costs are the Client’s responsibility and the Company will not offer any refund of the tour price

b. Travel insurance may be purchased from DB Tours or any other source provided the level of cover is of equal to or greater than that available from DB Tours. If anybody chooses to travel without any insurance cover, they MUST complete and sign a waiver. In the absence of this waiver, DB Tours reserves the right to refuse to carry persons without proper Travel Insurance and forfeit all tour monies paid by such person.

c. The Client’s is advised to read carefully the exclusion clauses and excess in the insurance policy arranged by the Organiser. It is the responsibility of the client to read their insurance policy before they travel and check that the insurance scheme provides the Client with his desired level of cover. In so arranging insurance cover for the Client, the Organiser is acting as the agent of the relevant insurer and shall not be responsible to the Client for any default by the insurer under that policy. All claims made against the insurance policy shall be made directly to the insurer. The Client shall be responsible for making any special or increased insurance arrangements which he deems necessary.

a. The Company shall not be deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions or otherwise be liable to the Client, by reason of delay in the tour/trip/event or activity or by their non-performance to the extent that any such delay or non-performance is due to any ‘unforeseen events.
b. Unforeseen events in relation to DB Tours Ltd refers to any circumstance beyond the DB Tours’ control including war, or the threat of war, terrorist activity, political unrest, riots, civil strife, industrial disputes, natural disaster, closure of airports or ports, road works, technical problems with or accidents involving aircraft or other transport (including traffic accidents/delays), fire, bad weather, force majeure (including breach of contract by any supplier of DB Tours Ltd. )
c. . If any such event occurs before departure and you decline to accept alternative arrangements offered by DB Tours Ltd., DB Tours Ltd. will be entitled to retain reasonable expenses incurred in connection with the original booking.

a. In the event of a complaint against the Company, please inform the DB Tours team at the earliest possible opportunity so that DB Tours Ltd is given an opportunity to investigate the matter and provide solution. If the matter cannot be put right on the spot, please follow it up with a letter to DB Tours Ltd. within 28 days of returning from your excursion.
b. DB Tours Ltd. will not accept liability for claims received outside the specified time limit.
c. Letters should be from the client who made the original booking i.e. signed the booking form and handled communications with DB Tours Ltd. Where the complaint is from a different member of the group we will also require written communication from the client who made the original booking. In the unlikely event that an agreed settlement cannot be reached, you can take advantage of the special Arbitration scheme outlined in condition 15.

a. If any question of difference shall arise between the client and DB Tours Ltd. regarding this contract or by the construction thereof, the same shall be referred to the award and final determination of an arbitrator to be agreed upon by the customer and a panel of not less than ten practicing solicitors of more than seven years standing, nominated by DB Tours Ltd.’s legal advisors, such arbitrators to have all the powers of arbitration arising under the provisions of the arbitration acts.
b. Such arbitration must take place prior to any legal proceeding issued unless the right to arbitrate is waived by DB Tours Ltd. The venue for such arbitration shall be Dublin and appropriate law shall be Irish Law. At any such arbitration, the customer shall admit into evidence the written statement of any agent, representative, courier, hotelier, or other like person for the purpose of proving matters of fact. This clause is specifically intended to minimise the cost of arbitration.

a. DB Tours Ltd. will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to luggage, except upon proof of negligence of DB Tours Ltd. team members and of damage in excess of normal wear and tear.
b. Lack of proper care towards your luggage could result in your claim being turned down. The tour operators are not liable for lost property on the coach or otherwise. It is your responsibility to arrange insurance cover for loss of or damage to your luggage.

a. In signing the booking form the group leader also accepts responsibility for the good conduct of all participants during the tour/excursion/trip/party/event and warrants that at least one responsible adult will be on active duty at all times to ensure that all participants behave well.
b. Furthermore, it is the group leader’s responsibility specifically to ensure that:
i. No participant under 18 years of age consumes alcoholic drinks;
ii. All local laws and regulations relating to the consumption of alcohol are at all times obeyed by the participants;
iii. No participant consumes alcohol to excess;
iv. No participant smokes in the accommodation/venue/centre’s/nightclubs unless authorised to do so or in any way causes a fire hazard;
v. Participants act in a responsible and lawful fashion during the tour/excursion/trip/party/event and do not behave in a way likely to cause damage to property, injury to themselves or others, or offense to other people.
c. A Good Behaviour Bond of €500 per group will be charged initially to each group booking. This Bond will be fully refunded once the transport supplier(s) and accommodation supplier(s) have advised that no damage or inconvenience has been caused. Should any damage or inconvenience be reported by a supplier then the Bond will be forfeited in full.
d. All persons traveling on any coach trip undertake to accept and follow all instructions issued by the coach driver and/or guide. The good conduct and behaviour of all persons is an essential element of the trip and accordingly the coach driver and/or guide, supplier and anyone authorised to act on behalf of DB Tours Ltd. have full authority to remove any person(s) who fail to comply with instructions and requests. No refunds will be issued in such circumstances.

a. DB Tours Ltd. is pleased to accept full responsibility for arranging with reasonable skill and attention any excursion booked with it. However, DB Tours Ltd is not responsible for the day to day running of the various hotels, hostels, youth centre’s supplied, or the various airlines, ferries, trains and coaches, or any other supplier including the suppliers of activities and entertainment, food and beverages, not directly under the control of DB Tours Ltd.
b. Accordingly, DB Tours Ltd shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any additional expense, distress, disappointment, loss, damage, injury, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity arising from or attributable to the act or default of any company, firm or persons in connection with the carrying out of such arrangements or bookings or the conveyance of any client. Every booking is accepted subject to the conditions imposed by air, shipping, rail, coach, hotel, hostel, camp site, restaurant, insurance and other companies, firms or persons concerned with the excursion or any claim with respect to such matters must be made against the appropriate principal.

a. In respect of any booking for which air travel forms a part thereof, the booking terms and conditions of the contracting airline supersede those of DB Tours Ltd. where applicable.
b. Where a booking is made by DB Tours Ltd. on behalf of a client with any airline, any subsequent name or date change fees, including date changes due to the rescheduling of an event or fixture, shall lie with the client. If the customer elects to purchase airline tickets independently, said cost will not factor into the total price of the tour. If the customer wishes to upgrade their seat class on a given flight, the additional cost must be paid immediately and subject to availability.
c. We are obliged to inform you, at time of booking, of the identity of the operating air carrier(s) which is due to perform, or likely to perform, your flight and if there are any changes to the operating air carrier(s) we are obliged to inform you of any such change(s) as soon as possible. If we don’t know the identity of the operating carrier(s) at time of booking, we must inform you of same as soon as such identity is established. In all cases, we are obliged to inform you of the identity of the operating air carrier at check-in or on boarding, where no check-in is required for a connecting flight.
d. This notice is issued pursuant to the requirements of article 11 (6) of Regulation 2111/2005 regulations on the establishment of a community list of air carriers subject to an operating ban within the community and on informing air transport passengers of the identity of operating air carriers and the repealing of article 9 of Directive 2004/361E°®.

Please note that your final itinerary will be drawn up taking into account E.U. Drivers (Tachograph) Regulations. We would ask you as organizer to conform to this itinerary and not to request your driver(s) to work beyond the limit as this may render him subject to prosecution.


DB Tours Ltd respects the privacy of its customers. We have put up this privacy policy to explain how we process and use your personal data in accordance with the laws of Ireland. We do not sell, or rent your data to any other third party, however we may contact you with items of interest via one of our companies or brands from time to time. We may pass your details to our carefully selected commercial partners, if you give us permission to do so.

We may collect personal information in order to provide you with services. DB Tour collect information when a user places a reservation/booking, make an enquiry online, following a telephone conversations, emails or submit other written communication, participates in a DB Tours Ltd. holiday programme, participates in a DB Tours Ltd. competition, survey or similar events, make a purchase on the website, send an enquiry to one of the administration email addresses, requests our information via subscription or leave feedback.

DB Tours may collect data that you provide which include, but is not limited to, your name, address, details of purchase made and credit card information. This is the information you provide to us for the purpose of delivering our services or obtaining more information or clarification from us. We may also record details of any disability or health and dietary needs you, or members of your party may have at the time of booking an event or service. We may supplement the information that you provide with other information that we obtain from our dealings with you or which we receive from other organisations. DB Tours Ltd does not store credit/debit card information on its servers.


In order to provide our products and services to you, we may need to appoint other organisations to carry out some of the processing activities on our behalf. These will include, for example, delivery organisations and mailing houses. In these circumstances, we may share your information necessary to carry out the service but DB Tour Ltd will ensure that your information is properly protected and that it is only used in accordance with this policy.


You have the right to receive a copy of the personal information that we hold about you. We charge a small fee towards the cost of administering any request you make. The current fee is EUR 25.00.


We use email address to answer booking inquiries and emails about Services provided by DB Tours Ltd. We will not sell, lease, disclose, share or provide any of the user’s personally identifiable information to any third party or company for marketing, research or related purposes without affording the user an opportunity to opt-out or give consent to such uses. We will keep the information you provide with other information we have from your dealings with us secure and will use it to administer any services and/or products we provide you with; understand your preferences and profile so that we can improve the services we offer and to enable us to provide you with offers that we believe will be of interest to you

4.1. Offers and Opportunities: DB Tours Ltd. teams up with a selection of carefully chosen commercial partners to bring customers a diverse range of opportunities and offers at competitive prices. DB Tours Ltd. and/or these commercial partners would like to contact you with details of offers by post, telephone, text/picture/video message, digital television, facsimile or by email and these commercial partners may let us know if you have expressed an interest in their offers.
4.2. You are under no obligation to buy anything, however, if you would not like to be contacted, you can unsubscribe at any time. Instructions will be given each offer you receive.
4.3. Please note, if you do opt out of receiving information, we will be unable to keep you informed of new services, products, events or special offers that may interest you, which means you may miss out on great deals and bargains and the latest products and ideas.
4.4. You can change your mind at any time by contacting us through our website or by following the instructions set out with each offer you receive.


We may monitor or record telephone calls for security purposes and to improve the quality of our services to you.

By submitting your details to us you will be indicating your consent permitting us to send marketing offers and communication to you by post, telephone, text/picture/video message, digital television, fax and email; unless you have indicated an objection to receiving such messages by ticking one or both of the above boxes. You also confirm that you are entitled to disclose information about anybody else you mention in your application / reservation and have informed them how their information will be used, and indemnify DB Tours Ltd. should any details be provided by you without the knowledge or permission of such persons.


Please note occasionally at DB Tours’ discretion, we may include links to external websites or third party products or services on our site. We do not monitor, endorse or review the content of other party’s websites, services or products. You acknowledge that we do not recommend, warrant or assure the availability, accuracy, safety, security, reliability of such external sites, their services or products which are linked to from this Site. You acknowledge further that we are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices, content, advertising, materials, products, goods or services offered at such sites. DB Tours Ltd. will not be liable for any loss, harm or damage howsoever caused or alleged to have been caused to you in connection with or resulting from your use of or reliance on any content or disclosure of personal information to such external sites.

DB Sports Tours does not tolerate any kind of discrimination. We offer services on a fair and non-discriminatory basis, without consideration of any attribute, factor or differential characteristics prohibited by law and with equal opportunity for all applicants and participants. DB Sports Tours comply with all laws prohibiting discrimination. Please visit for more information https://www.acis.com/cmsfiles/file/2016%20ACIS%20Registration%20Booklet.pdf