Strictly Fundraising A Big Hit With Clubs

Strictly Fundraising A Big Hit With Clubs

Strictly Come Dancing fundraising events have been sweeping the country over the last year or so and DB Sports Tours are proud to support this great innitiative.
We know a lot of sports clubs who have, are currently and will mostly likely use this format to raise much -needed cash.

Loosely based on the popular TV programme, it is a great social experience and a very effective tool for raising funds for clubs.
That is the view of Sandra Skelton of Dance Addiction Studios, who organise these events for clubs.
Typically, 12-15 couples take part in a dance training programme over a 7 week period. Participants are principally from within the club, and from the wider community also.

In return for this, they sell sponsorship cards and tickets to their friends and family. Participants have a lot of fun, the whole event has a huge feel-good factor and is a great PR event for the club, raising awareness around the community.
At the end the club holds a big event where the couples compete against each other, with video clips of their progress shown on the night, as well as other fun elements contributing towards a great night’s entertainment.
Clubs typically bring in well over €10,000 from the event. Take a look at the video below to get an idea what it’s all about.

*For further details contact Sandra at 086 2207404, or sndrskelton@gmail.com*

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