St. Kevin’s Boys FC Thrill Against Elite Opposition

St. Kevin’s Boys FC Thrill Against Elite Opposition

DB Sports Tours were delighted to facilitate St. Kevin’s Boys FC recent trip to England for an elite youth tournament for three different age groups.

DB Sports Tours arranged for three age groups (U-12, U-14 &U-15) to take part in elite youth football tournaments over the course of the past week. Ran by Specialist Soccer, and headed by Tom Statham, these youth soccer tournaments, which were held in Oakham, England, looked to bring the very best youth football teams together for an array of different soccer tournaments.

St. Kevin’s Boys FC are synonymous with Irish youth soccer, often showing up very well against top English sides in tournaments, and their recent efforts this week was no different in that regard. Indeed, over the course of three days (Aug 7-9) the Dublin side saw their U-12 side (born 2006) play a total of eight matches. They picked up a total of six wins from eight matches, losing just twice.

The young charges were too much for Kilmarnock (6-1), Bradford City (5-1), Wolverhampton Wanderers (2-0), Peterborough United (4-3), Leicester City (3-2) and Boston Bolts (7-1). Their only losses came early, at the feet of Watford FC (7-1), and Boston Bolts (3-2) for the first of two encounters for the young sides.

The U-14 side meanwhile performed very well too, winning five of a total of six matches played. Their first win is perhaps their most impressive, a 3-1 victory over Manchester United. Elsewhere they picked up wins against AS Roma’s USA based side (1-0), Denmark-based SBI Slagelse (4-1), Japan-based FC Toreros (2-0), and Nottingham Forest (2-0), only losing to Stoke City (4-0), over the course of their time at the Specialist Soccer youth football tournament.

The U-15 side represented St. Kevin’s Boys equally well, taking on some excellent sides. They won a total of five matches, drawing one match and losing one match. They beat the likes of Peterborough United (6-0), Chelsea FC (3-0), Kilmarnock (3-0), Stoke City (2-0) and Bonitvial (5-0). They were left unstuck in a 0-0 draw against Dundee United, and finished the tournament with a slender 1-0 loss to Stoke City.

St. Kevin’s Boys U-12, U-14, and U-15 sides all represented their club, city, country – and DB Sports Tours – with aplomb at Specialist Soccer’s recent elite tournaments held in Oakham, England, and we would like to personally congratulate the players and the staff on their success at the tournament.

If you would like to book your team into a similar youth soccer tournament such as this youth football tournament ran by Specialist Soccer, then you can contact our office here. And don’t forget, you can check out the rest of our regularly updated blog by clicking the following link.

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