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We run summer soccer camps to multiple countries, and every year we take hundreds of budding soccer players overseas to up their game. While soccer is starting to catch on more and more in the US, the heart and soul of the soccer world is undoubtedly Europe, where the game was first invented and developed. There, soccer is big business, and a whole industry has sprung up around helping young hopefuls to become the next generation of players. Thanks to our industry links, we are able to secure training sessions at some of the top clubs in Europe, so your child will be able to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from the very best.




Our summer soccer camps don’t just help with your child’s sports skills, either- they could prove very useful when it comes to their college education. Plenty of schools offer sports-related scholarships for promising young players, and with soccer more popular than ever, there are lots of opportunities out there in this regard. Soccer also helps kids to develop crucial life skills that they will draw on for years to come, too. Teamwork, for instance, is crucial in soccer, as no team can win without working together. Discipline is another valuable part of soccer- you need to be highly dedicated in order to become a great soccer player, and you can’t just give up when the going gets tough. The great thing about these skills is that they are transferable to all walks of life. Whatever path your child ends up taking in life, they will be able to look back on their soccer summer camp experience, and use what they learned to make a success of themselves- and surely that’s what every parent wants for their child.


Finally, our summer soccer camps also offer a valuable opportunity to get out there and see more of the world. They say that travel broadens the mind, and in our experience that’s certainly true. Being able to travel with their teammates and be exposed to different cultures can be a life changing experience, especially at such an impressionable young age. Europe has so much to offer, so whichever tour you choose, you can rest assured that your child will bring back with them more than just soccer skills. Not only will their game improve, but it’s also a chance to grow as a person- making our summer soccer camps an excellent choice for any young player!