Soccer Tours to South America

Brazil & Argentina Tour

Soccer Tours to South America

DB Sports Tours are delighted to inform our readers of one of our latest and most adventurous soccer tours to date, all the way to South America.

The lines between soccer and dancing blur here, we can make your sports dream a reality with our new South American soccer trips. We go to Brazil and Argentina, where the people eat, sleep and breathe soccer.

We offer  bespoke soccer tours, with schedules and itineraries collated to suit each customer individually, however we do build from an initial set template and today we can run through such a template in order to illustrate to our readers what we can offer.

Should you wish to  book your South American soccer tour to Brazil, then your tour will include highlights such as an all-encompassing tour of Rio De Janeiro, getting to visit the Christ The Redeemer statue, the Maracana Stadium, Samba Clubs, Beach Soccer matches, and much more.

As ever, we hope for our customers to gain more from our soccer tours than our competitors can offer, and when on our South American tours this is notably prevalent. While in Rio, you can expect to see the other side of life, undergoing community service by helping out with a soccer clinic for underprivileged children.

Throughout the trip you will expect to play up to four different friendly matches against local teams. Experiencing a different type of soccer, with different tactics being introduced and different playing surfaces, the young group on this soccer trip will bring home memories both on and off the field sure to last a lifetime.

Of course, our South American tours are not just to Brazil, but Argentina too. Again, while we can create a schedule to suit your specific needs, there is a template for our Argentina soccer trips in which we can work from. The typical tour in Argentina will last roughly eight full days.

Travelling from Buenos Aires to Rosario and back again, this tour can be framed into the story of two cities encased in soccer culture. The home of Diego Maradona (Buenos Aires), and the home of Lionel Messi (Rosario), this Argentina soccer tour will see your soccer team play four matches against local opposition.

Like in Brazil, the key goal here is experiencing different tactics and styles of play to that of what they’re used to playing. Such variety can be truly priceless. Along with tours of both Buenos Aires and Rosario, there would be the possibility of stadium tours to the Boca Juniors ground La Bombonera and Rosario Central’s ground Estadio Gigante de Arroyito.

Our new South American soccer tours have been collated to allow our customers experience the real South America, where soccer and culture meet as one. You will play their way, against local opposition, see the famous sights, for a very special soccer tour.

If you are interested in finding out more and booking with us, firstly visit the following page. Finally, check out all our latest blogs here.


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