Smartfootball Level 1 Coming to Ireland

Smartfootball Level 1 Coming to Ireland

Our partners Catalan Elite Football is excited to announce the first ever Smartfootball level 1 coaches workshop in Ireland or the U.K. The methodology is adapted by the coaches on a weekly basis in the Catalan Elite Academy based in Dublin.

Two courses will take place on the weekend of February 20th and 21st.

Saturday the 20th Tipperary (venue to be confirmed)

Sunday February 21sd Dublin (venue to be confirmed)

This is a one day intensive course taking place from 09:00-19:00.

Smartfootball is an innovative methodology, a thesis supported by multiple investigations and football academies, universities and professional teams of the highest international standard. Juanlu Martínez, former coach of RCD Espanyol and Dynamo Moscow has developed and described this methodology that is reflected in his book Smartfootball. Juan’s implementation has shown impressive results after only 3 years. Through applying the methodology with Dynamo Moscow the youth teams have won important tournaments such as the Manchester United Premier Cup Worlds Finals U15 2014, becoming the first Russian team that has ever won.

The Director of Smartfootball and also director of CE Futbol Salou, Albert Viñas i Aliau, has a degree in the Science of Physical Activity and Sport and has one of the highest coaching qualifications, equivalent to UEFA Pro, also, extensive experience in training coaches and players. More than 20 years as a director, coordinator and professor of courses of the Catalan School of Coaches. Albert and his pro-licence coaches have also been delivering the work with outstanding results to the full time players attending the International Smartfootball Academy in football Salou.

“The tactical concepts are present at all times, what we want is that the player understands the game, knows how to occupy the space, create spaces for the teammates, offer solutions and line passes, and tactical concepts around football. An important aspect of our methodology is how we help the players to arrive to the solution of every problem proposed by not directing them but by helping the players find solutions to the problems”.

Course Layout

Course aims:
• Know and identify the different problems and patterns of thought.
• Learn how to behave according to the SF coach methodology.
• Acquire the skills to apply them in practice.

Course contents:
• Deepening in the approach and preparation of problems and guidelines for thought.
• Action of the trainer.
• Trainer methodology.
• Practical application of all content viewed on level 0 (on the field).
• Learning session and evaluation.

Course evaluation:
• To pass the level the students must complete a written evaluation.

Class hours:
• 9 hours in total. One day intensive course.
• Morning 4.5 hours Theory.
• Afternoon 4 hours Practical.
• 30 minute written Exam

Course certification:
• The student receives a diploma certifying that he has passed the course.

• €120 per coach
• If a club sends a group of 5 coaches or more they will receive the course for €100 per coach.

If interested please contact Catalan Elite Football


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