Rush Canada: A Snapshot Into our Work With US and Canadian Soccer

Rush Canada: A Snapshot Into our Work With US and Canadian Soccer

America’s relationship with football, sorry – soccer, remains eminently unique. Our interest with America’s recent marriage with football has been notable of late, such as our work with Everton Connecticut, and the publishing of this fine comment piece on the state of the American game.

America’s slow but steadily growing relationship with football can be mirrored in their neighbours’ Canada, and it is the Canadian game we are now looking toward here at DB Sports Tours. For the past two years we have worked with Rush Canada, wherein we have organised trips to the UK to play a series of matches.

Earlier this year Rush Canada’s under-14 side travelled to Manchester to take part in the annual Manchester Easter Cup, spending eight days in the UK. Throughout the duration of the tournament they got to play a number of exciting opponents, including the likes of Accrington Stanley, Oldham Athletic and Manchester City.

Elsewhere we provided other services to the Rush Canada group, making sure they had the most immersive UK football experience possible. While on their eight day trip they also ad time for a tour of Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium, and were witness to a talk from Manchester United’s Head of Recruitment Derek Langley.

Along with the talk, we organised some training time for Rush Canada, wherein they got to train with Oldham Athletic under-14’s coach Gary Lewis. Education is clearly key for young footballers today, nearly as much as practical training on the pitch. Like their talk with Derek Langley, the Rush Canada group got to talk with Simon Cooper, Oldham Athletics’ Head of Academy Coaching.

As you can see, we look to provide the total football experience for all the groups we work with. This immersive team tours provide playing time, training time, and learning time. Marrying the practical and first-hand football experience with some theoretical knowledge and our team tours like that with Rush Canada are perfect for groups of all skill levels.

Recently DB Sports Tours co-founder David Berber spoke effusively of his satisfaction with working with US and Canadian based clubs in the future: “It’s great to see more American and Canadians getting the opportunity to visit and play these top UK academy sides. For us it was even better to have two DB Sports Tours associated play each other in the same competition; North Tipperary League Select Side vs. Rush Canada”.

If you are interested in using our sports tour services for your team you can visit our contact page here. Otherwise you can read our blog here.

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