Premier League Team Tour: Stoke City take on Chelsea in March

Premier League Team Tour: Stoke City take on Chelsea in March

Although we have lately championed some of our further afield sports tours and team trips often based in the Futbol Salou Sports Complex in Spain, we shouldn’t forget about our Premier League tours far closer to home.

Indeed, through our close relationship with Stoke City we have another exciting opportunity, wherein your group will get to take in some Premier League action as the Potters welcome Chelsea FC to the Bet365 stadium on March 18th 2017.

For three days and two nights our Premier League team tour package promises to deliver your group the most immersive elite football experience possible. You will get to take in live Premier League action and be the official flag bearers for the match, go on a stadium tour of the world famous stadium of Manchester United Old Trafford, and train with elite level youth coaches.

Indeed, your trip which spans a whole weekend will begin with departing Dublin Port and sailing across the Irish Sea to Holyhead Port in Wales. From there a coach will bring you to Manchester to go to Old Trafford. There you will be given a guided tour of the world renowned stadium followed by a tour of the on-site club museum, detailing their decades upon decades of success.

Prior to going to the Premier League clash of Stoke City and Chelsea FC on Saturday afternoon you will be given the opportunity to be trained by Stoke City youth coaches. When you go to the match your group won’t only get to take in live Premier League action, but you will get to be on the pitch beforehand as official Premier League flag bearers.

Later that evening there will be time for dinner in the hotel before departing the following morning via the same route from Holyhead to Dublin by ferry. It must be noted that there are a number of optional extras available for this team tour, including an extended stay and sightseeing tour of Manchester.

Prices for this sports trip range depending on the number of participants. For example, if your group consists of 50 or more people it will be €329 per person, while if it consists of 35-49 people it will cost €349 per person, and finally if it consists of 25-34 people it will cost €379 per person.

Payment for this trip is staggered to make it more affordable to all participants. The first payment will be a deposit of €100 per person, the second payment will be €100 from raffle tickets (see below), and the third payment will be the remaining balance (€129, €149 or €179) which will have to be paid by 10 weeks prior to the team tour.

If you are interested in this team trip you can visit our contact page here. You can also keep up to date with all company news by reading our regularly updated blog here.

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