NIBFA U-15 Excel in Las Vegas for Mayor’s Cup

NIBFA U-15 Excel in Las Vegas for Mayor’s Cup

DB Sports Tours were delighted with the recent trip to the Mayor’s Cup in Las Vegas, as the NIBFA U-15’s travelled to the tournament in a once in a lifetime football tour.

This was a special opportunity for the NIBFA U-15’s (Northern Ireland Boys Football Association) to take part in; the spot opening up due to DB Sports Tours’ burgeoning relationship with the Subway NIBFA National Youth League and the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup.

The NIBFA hopefuls set out to Las Vegas on February 15, with the U-15 section of the tournament taking place from February 16-18 with the hope to gain as much as possible from the experience of playing football internationally, whilst also taking in the trip for what it is – a trip to bright lights of Las Vegas.

NIBFA U-15’s at the airport before the long flight.

The Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup’s tagline is ‘international showcase’, and that certainly rings true in reality, with teams competing from across all corners of the globe, including Europe, the Americas, and even Haiti. The NIBFA U-15’s was, in fact, the first team from the island of Ireland to take part in the tournament.

Over the course of three days the NIBFA group performed admirably, taking on a host of high-quality opposition. In their opening fixture the NIBFA U-15’s won comfortably, seeing out a 4-1 lead against RSL Arizona, which could have been even more, according to pitch-side reports. Their second match was a far tighter affair, one which resilience in defence was key, in which they beat their American rivals 1-0.

In the third match for NIBFA U-15’s they required a result to qualify and they duly delivered, beating ISC Gunners 2-0, displaying a level of maturity in their play beyond their tender years. After three consecutive wins NIBFA U-15’s were awarded a quarter-final against the revered Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club. In a tight affair the NIBFA side lost narrowly, 1-0. Their American opponents went on to win the tournament itself, further illustrating how good the NIBFA outfit performed in their four matches at the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup.

NIBFA U-15’s pre-match.

It wasn’t just football on this football tour, however. At DB Sports Tours we always look to accentuate the positives of free time for young footballers whose whole life seems to revolve around football, especially on such a special trip. With that in mind, we facilitated some free time to enjoy the tourist attractions in Las Vegas (only the ones which were suitable to minors!).

For example, the group got to visit the world-famous Las Vegas strip, checking out Circus Circus, Luxor and Mendella Bay, along with the well-known Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace and the Aria hotels to name but a few, Furthermore, the group got to enjoy a shopping trip to the vast Las Vegas outlets.

Working together with the organisers at the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup, NIBFA and their sponsors SUBWAY DB Sports Tours was able to provide a young group of footballers a unique opportunity – taking part in an international youth football tournament.

DB Sports Tours were proud to work with the NIBFA for this special occasion.

Playing against opposition from America – in America – is clearly not a setting which they would have been previously accustom to. Taking part in the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup will have been a positive development in not just the NIBFA U-15’s young careers as footballers, but as young boys looking to become young men.

Combining these two key factors is at the core of why DB Sports Tours continues to work as hard as we do – because we genuinely care for the welfare of our ever-broadening customer base. If you wish to become part of the DB Sports Tours family then don’t hesitate, we can arrange the optimal football tour for you, just visit our contact page here.

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