NDSL Kennedy Cup Side Play Elite Friendlies

NDSL Kennedy Cup Side Play Elite Friendlies

This week we are pleased to announce how the NDSL Kennedy Cup side got on in a number of friendly matches arranged by DB Sports Tours. For anyone who lives under a rock the NDSL Kennedy Cup team comprises of the best players the league can offer, who compete in the illustrious Kennedy Cup, held each year.

The NDSL Kennedy Cup side played three friendlies; one against Everton, Preston North End, and one against Bolton Wanderers. First was the clash against the Merseysiders Everton. In what was reported as a highly skilful yet tightly fought contest the Irish side were victorious, beating Everton 2-1 on the day.

Next up was Bolton Wanderers. Not too far away from the reaches of Merseyside the NDSL Kennedy Cup side were welcomed with open arms from the Bolton staff, but on the pitch it was serious business. Although the Irish side lost 2-0, it was said they gained as much vital experience in loss, as they would in victory.

Finally they travelled to Preston North End, another relatively close location to both Everton and Bolton in the west of England. This match however, was the closest of the three; perhaps the Irish side acclimatising to the quality of the opposition from England’s elite young players. Another loss for the Irish side ensued; losing 1-0, but more vital experience was gained.

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