Limerick Tournament Announcement

Limerick Tournament Announcement

The development of Irish soccer players is at the forefront of our objectives at DB Sports Tours. Improved facilities and refined coaching methods will often be the polish to an already developed player, but the prime method to improving a young player will remain eminently simple: playing matches.

Our latest vehicle of development for Irish soccer players is the Limerick Tournament. In partnership with the SFAI the Limerick Tournament will serve boys for two age groups (under-13 (2004) & under-15 (2002) this summer. Teams from any organisation from Ireland can enter the tournament.Held at the University of Limerick from August 5-7, the tournament hopes to bring together the very best Irish youth soccer can offer.

Our tournaments and team trips such as the Champions Cup, Easter Cup, and Summer Cup have proved to be big successes, and the Limerick Cup comes with the same promise of elite facilities and organisation at a reasonable price.

Held over three days in August the tournament will provide teams a minimum of five matches. Each age group will consistent of two groups with four teams in each. Matches will be 40 minutes long (20 minutes per half), and will be played on the 11 aside pitches at the University of Limerick. Winners will receive trophies and cups, while teams who make the play-offs will receive participation medals.

Prices for this tournament are either €149 for self-catering per person, or €199 for half-board per person, while team registration is priced at €199. Payment is broken down into three separate payments in order to make it more manageable. The first payment required is the team registration (€199) and €40 per person. The second payment is €50 per person and must be paid no later than May 6th. The third and final payment required is €49 per person and must be paid by June 10th.

Accommodation will be set in the student accommodation at the University of Limerick, with six people per room. As already mentioned, both self-catering and half-board service is available to each participant. We hope you are interested in this latest team trip, looking to maximise the talents of Irish youth soccer, while providing a memorable experience for all.

For more information on the tournament you can visit blog here.

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