Futbol Salou Inspection Visit November 2016

Futbol Salou Inspection Visit November 2016

Here at DB Sports Tours elite customer service is key. We ensure the very highest quality for all our packages, and with that we look to continually refine and improve upon all of our sports tours and team trips.

One way we look to deliver upon this promise is provide a first-hand experience of our packages to prospective customers, and in this specific case, our prime team trip – Futbol Salou. Futbol Salou Sports Complex is based in Spain, just outside of Barcelona. This ‘first-hand’ experience of the Futbol Salou camp will be two seperate inspection visit opportunities for the Futbol Salou facilities, and the Cambrils Park and Resort accommodation.

These inspection visits will take place over four days on both occassions (Nov 19 – Nov 22) and (Nov 26 – Nov 29) where all those on the inspection visit will be provided with an in-depth look at what this team tour promises. From the facilities to theory of training methods, all your queries will be answered during your trip, while there will be time to relax during your trip too.

Ran by Albert Vinas, previously of RCD Espanyol among others, the Futbol Salou camp looks to provide a fully-immersive football experience, with a clear emphasis on the Spanish style of football. Essentially this means showing all participants how to play effective and intelligent possession football, looking at key tenets of the style such as first touch, peripheral vision, positional awareness and incisive passing.

This trip will be scheduled over four days to provide you with all necessary information for your team trip. Flying out on November 28th your first day will be easy going, with just time for checking in and dinner in the evening in the Cambrils Park and Resort.

Your second day will begin your inspection visit with several activities and presentations. For example, you will be provided a complete presentation of the football methodologies practised at the Futbol Salou camp by the camp’s director Albert Vinas. Vinas will explain his ‘Smartfootball’ methods and theories throughout this two hour presentation, promising all queries will be answered here.

Later that day there will be options to take a tour of Cambrils. Subsequently your evening will provide you with the opportunity to try on Statsports GPS technology for posterior analysis, handled by Manuel Lapuente Sagarra. Such technology is used at the very highest level of football today, providing you with a snapshot of the opportunities coming the game very soon.

There will be a football convention later that game, with various stands on show. By evening it will be dinner time and relaxation time, with the La Liga clash of Sevilla vs. Valencia on the television.

By day three meanwhile your first-hand inspection visit of Futbol Salou and the Cambrils Park and Resort continues. Following breakfast there will be another talk with Futbol Salou Albert Vinas. Vinas will look to further explain his Smartfootball methodologies practised at Futbol Salou.

Later that day you will take a trip from Cambrils Park to the Futbol Salou camp itself. While there Albert Vinas will oversee a practical session of the Smartfootball methodologies. With this you will have been provided a rounded understanding of what will be practised on your team trip, both in theory and in practice on the training field. Following the practical session there will be a 30 minute presentation by Albert Vinas on the Technifutbol Academy – an international academy ran by Albert Vinas and Futbol Salou.

Following the presentation you will get to view the Technifutbol side train. Within that training you will get to see include a practical demo of a Neuromuscular Profile Scan, handled by Manuel Lapuente Sagarra. After that, your group will travel back to Cambrils Park and Resort in order to relax and have lunch after a busy morning of bot practical and theoretical learning and observation.

By evening there will be another lecture by Albert Vinas, this time explaining how academies in Spain are set-up and subsequently ran, looking to maximise the technical ability of all their players. Following that, there will be a 30 minute live show of the analysis of GPS data and Neuromuscular Scan profile, by Manuel Lapuente Sagarra.

Your action packed day continues however, with a trip back to Futbol Salou then, where you will watch a training match of local semi-professional side Reus CF take on a local academy outfit. After that you will head to Salou where you will be presented with a tour of the town by the Salou Tourist Board. Following the tour you will have dinner at Restaurant Club Nautic of Salou.

Following your long day it will be time for rest before checking out and heading back home the following morning. We hope that this inspection visit will provide a fully-immersive and interesting perspective on what a team tour at the Futbol Salou Sports Complex and accommodation at the picturesque Cambrils Park and Resort promises.

Should you be interested in this upcoming inspection visit you can visit our contact page here. In the meantime you could also keep up to date with all our news here at DB Sports Tours by reading our regularly updated blog here.

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