Extract: How The Icelandic FA Have Made The FAI Look Pretty Bad

Extract: How The Icelandic FA Have Made The FAI Look Pretty Bad

Earlier this week we read a fantastic article on Balls.ie which looks upon ‘The Icelandic FA Have Made The FAI Look Pretty Bad Today And LOI Clubs Fairly Envious’

It was a thought provoking article for sure, and will likely grip the interest of the readers of this blog with such vested interests in youth football here in Ireland. You can read the full article here, while there is an extract of the piece below.

Iceland, with its tiny population of less than Cork, is like a more enlightened, more courageous version of ourselves.

As Eamon Dunphy never tires of reminding us, they did what the more bolshie among us wished to do, and told the bondholders to go and hump off when they came looking for money. This was enough to convince Eamo that these were solid people, people of gumption, people to admire.

They beat the tar out of England, playing industrious and intelligent attacking football. Barney Ronay wrote in the Guardian that Iceland are ‘the per capita kings, a place where nothing is wasted, only reproduced’.

And on top of all that, they look after their small domestic league, rewarding it when times are good. The Icelandic FA received €14m for progressing to the Euro 2016 quarter-finals.

In a characteristically enlightened move, they are allocating 25% for their local league, distributing nearly €3.5 million among their 47 league clubs.

Different teams were allocated different amounts depending on league position. The smallest amount a club received was €19,000. Three clubs received €137.872.”

Intriguing stuff, for sure. Again, the original and full article can be accessed here. For news from all of our work here at DB Sports Tours keep an eye on our busy blog here.

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