Elite Men’s Soccer Opportunity in the US

Elite Men’s Soccer Opportunity in the US

Earlier this week here on the DB Sports  Tours’ blog we brought you some fantastic news; the opportunity for women to make it at the elite of women’s soccer in the USA. Today we have similar news to bring to you regarding men’s soccer in the US.

Between May and June of 2017 participants will have the unique opportunity to play in the 3rd tier of men’s soccer in the USA, the USA National Premier Soccer League (USA NPSL). Based in Portland, Maine, all participants will spend the duration on site training on site, looking to impress an array of on-looking college coaches.

Opportunities to speak to college coaches may be one of the highlights, but they don’t end here. Participants who impress may link up with clubs from both the Professional Development League (PDL), the United Soccer League, and the much-vaunted MLS Combine.

The PDL is a development league sponsored by United Soccer Leagues in the United States and Canada, forming part of the United States soccer league system. It is currently considered the top-level men’s amateur soccer competition in the United States.

The United Soccer League (USL), formerly known as USL Pro, is a professional men’s soccer league in the United States and Canada running since 2011. USL is sanctioned as a Division 2 Professional League by the United States Soccer Federation (U.S. Soccer), placing it under Major League Soccer (Division 1) and equal to the North American Soccer League (also Division 2) in the football pyramid.

The MLS Combine meanwhile is four-day annual showcase which looks to showcase future potential Major League Soccer players perform physical and mental tests in front of coaches, general managers, and scouts.

With so many opportunities possible this is something not be missed. From May – June later this year participants are being provided with a potential gateway into the elite of men’s soccer in the US. All interested parties should send their football CV (Preferably with a video) to david@dbsportstours.com.

In the meantime you can also keep up to date with all news here at DB Sports Tours by checking out our regularly updated blog here.

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