DB Sports Tours Team Up With YOURCLUB.ie

DB Sports Tours Team Up With YOURCLUB.ie

DB Sports Tours knows how important technology has become in football and we are delighted to announce our exciting new partnership with YourClub.ie.

Founded by former schoolboy coach at Malahide United and Stella Maris, Darren Costello, YourClub.ie is about to explode onto the Irish football landscape in the coming weeks.

The official launch will be made on Setanta Sports by the end of the month but we have scooped the lot by not only partnering up with this great initiative, but giving you a sneak peak.

Darren explained to us how he came up with the idea of in his own words: “A standardised website that will allow a football club to become financially self sufficient.”
“I suppose what happened was I was basically working behind the scenes at Malahide United – which is one of the biggest clubs in Europe – trying to raise funds.
“I basically thought there has to be an easier way of doing things than this, so it got me thinking.
“I realized that there is actually a lot of money spent in the football community but it doesn’t go back into the football community.
“So I looked at how to give a club a handle on their communications through a website without having to be a technological whizz.

“Than I thought about how registration fees are the most important fundraising tool to all clubs so we put that online for them along with the club shop – for players to buy merchandise.
“So basically what we have come to is yourclub.ie will allow a football club to become financially self sufficient through a standarised website.
“That is its main purpose – while also allowing clubs to have their twitter, facebook and galleries etc also.”

So what will your website look like? Well follow the link below and see for yourself.

As far as our groundbreaking link-up with Darren and YourClub.ie, the man himself insists: “It’s fantastic because we and DB Sports Tours are working in the same arena.”
“Dave (Berber, DB Sports Tours Managing Director) is giving kids the opportunity to see the other side at professional clubs in England and elsewhere.
“So, if those clubs need to fundraise for their team tour than YourClub.ie would be able to help them do that and it’s a very exciting combination for clubs out there.”

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