DB Sports Tours Sponsor Shelbourne Youth Academy

DB Sports Tours Sponsor Shelbourne Youth Academy

This week it has been announced DB Sports Tours are the new sponsors for Shelbourne FC Youth academy. Shelbourne are of course a football club synonymous with football culture in Dublin and have a rich history in developing young talents to play the game in the right way.

Shelbourne FC’s Youth Academy thanked David Berber, co-founder of DB Sports Tours, for the fantastic and prosperous opportunity. In a warming statement of their official Facebook page the club said: “(The) sponsorship has allowed us to provide excellent training facilities, excellent equipment and excellent coaching and an excellent coach to play ratio all at a very affordable price for parents.”

The academy said they are now a ‘fun, safe developmental program in place, there is no better young football academy around’. For further news on DB Sports Tours keep an eye on the blog here.

Shellbourne Youth Academy

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