DB Sports Tours Looks To Help Grow Soccer in the US

DB Sports USA

DB Sports Tours Looks To Help Grow Soccer in the US

DB Sports Tours is a fully licenced and bonded sports tours operator, with its HQ in Dublin, Ireland. DB Sports’ ventures extends beyond soccer to rugby and hockey, too, whilst in 2013 company Co-Founder David Berber attained his player agency licence to add another branch to the DB Sports brand.

DB Sports Tours will forever remain a sports company with its local roots at heart, but with so many branches to the company in so many different markets, expansion beyond the Irish shores has been an inevitable by-product of such success.

And it is that success which has lead our global reach Stateside. As a company we value the US soccer market considerably. The strength and breath of our relationships in US soccer has grown year-on-year, with new partnerships formed to help bring US soccer to Europe in many successful forms.

Not only that however, we have had other tours and competitions which has brought European soccer to the US, where the European market can utilise the many positives of US soccer’s unique foundations and dynamic effectively.

Our history of working within US soccer goes back a few years, but our very recent history is as good an example of our continual efforts to work with and for US soccer throughout the year. During August of this year for example, we brought Gators FC, a youth soccer club based in Seattle to the UK.

This was a unique soccer tour we created for Gators FC to experience all the UK has to offer from a high-level soccer perspective. Sight-seeing, competitive matches, training with elite academy coaches, going to Premier League matches; these were just some of the aspects covered in the Gators FC tour.

We want every soccer trip to be unique for our customers, and this specific soccer trip is a perfect example of our customer-focused approach to our soccer tours, especially for our US customers who make such a trip to Europe.

Brian Hayes of Gators FC spoke effusively of the recent soccer tour with DB Sports Tours:

‘The trip was 30 people, 10 days in England, an experience of a lifetime. DB Sports tours made that happen. Darren Scully (DB Sports Head of Operations) met us at the airport in a luxury bus, took us to nice hotels, quality meals in private rooms with no wait.

‘Darren took us to English Premier League soccer games with VIP service and was able to get 17 boys on the field. The kids also got to visit six Stadiums and be trained from some of the best coaches in the world. That being Chelsea, Birmingham City, Newcastle United, Stoke City and Manchester United. Our kids will have great memories to take with them forever.’

I never thought a trip with 30 people could go so smoothly but with all his connections and experience Darren made that happen. He was more then just a tour guide and has now become a friend. If you are thinking about bringing a group to England or anywhere else DB Sports Tours is a must hire’, said Brian.

Creating such a foothold in the US soccer market – even as it stands so modestly – has taken time, effort, and determination. For two years we have had a strong presence in the United Soccer Coaches Convention, promoting our work to US based soccer coaches and officials.

As previously mentioned however, our objective with the US soccer market is not solely to bring US soccer to Europe, but vice-versa too. Indeed, we have previously promoted the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup, which was the ‘perfect opportunity’ for European girls looking to chase dreams of a US soccer college scholarship.

Women’s soccer in the US is clearly dominant in the world of women’s soccer. With three World Cup titles (1991, 1999, 2015) to their name, the US rises above all else in women’s soccer. And it is the 2019 Women’s World Cup which we recently looked to promote a soccer tour to the US market earlier this year.

Our soccer trips can provide a group with any number of different aspects to suit any particular group. We worked with Wellington Phoenix in May 2017. This was a truly ambitious soccer trip, spanning 12,000km from Wellington, New Zealand to Spain.

The logistics involved in such a soccer trip were vast, with activities in the soccer tour including a training camp in our European soccer base in Futbol Salou, Spain, as well as taking part in the Arousa F7 Cup, an invite-only youth soccer competition.

Wellington Phoenix coaching staff member Jo Dawkins was another happy customer following a uniquely-created soccer tour for his youth team: “The quality of everything we did was excellent including the facilities, accommodation and obviously the tournament and game schedule. Most memorable were tournament fixtures against Barcelona, Real Madrid and Arsenal”.

Customer satisfaction for DB Sports Tours remains paramount; our website is www.dbsportstours.com & our Facebook page, with over 150+ 5 Star Reviews from parents and clubs. Whilst we are a soccer tours operator at heart, our president David Berber is a fully licensed player agent specialising in youth soccer players, having received his FIFA Player Agent licence in 2013.

The primary market for our player agency is the UK and Ireland, currently representing 24 Irish players based in the UK. Only recently one of our players we represent Barry Coffey signed for Celtic FC, who beat off competition from Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City.

Competition in soccer and sports tours is rife, and with that, we must strive to set ourselves apart from our competition globally. When working for our US customer we ensure our soccer tours are unique, providing activities for our often-young customer base which will broaden their perspectives on sports and soccer to a far broader level.

For example, we have organised sports psychology classes with Premier League coaches in the past, talks with the likes of Derek Langley at former Manchester United Head of Recruitment, Head Catalan FA pro license tutors Albert Vinas, behind the scene tours at pro clubs, coaching with pro license coaches, games against pro clubs from Premier League down to Conference football.

When working with our US based customers we draw great pride with our European contacts. For example, we have our own European soccer complex, Futbol Salou, based in Spain. The facility is overseen by Albert Vinas, previously a coach of RCD Espanyol among others. Here, players can be taught Spain’s possession based soccer model, with Albert’s specific take on the style known as ‘SmartFootball’.

Such facilities at our disposal ensures we have every imaginable aspect of the complete soccer tour required for our potential US soccer customer base. We want to be the best sports tours operator and we believe we are, illustrating such in our work day by day, year on year.

Should you wish to speak to any of our reps, or Darren Scully the Head of Operations, or David Berber our Co-Founder and President, then click on the following page to begin a line of contact. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yours in sport,

DB Sports Tours.


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