DB Sports Tours Co-Founder Obtains FIFA Match Agency Licence

DB Sports Tours Co-Founder Obtains FIFA Match Agency Licence

David Berber, the co-founder of DB Sports Tours has recently obtained a FIFA Official Match Agency License. The licence will provide David with the platform to transform DB Sports Tours once more, one of Ireland’s leading companies who organise football tournaments and one of games on a much larger scale than our existing business.

An official FIFA match agent license provides a host of opportunities; such as the ability to arrange official FIFA recognised fixtures between teams from different FIFA confederations, and of course, teams from the same confederation.
For example, it allows us to arrange a FIFA recognised match between a team from two different confederations, E.g. CONMEBOL (South American) confederation and UEFA. Likewise, it allows us to arrange officially recognised games between perhaps two teams from the UEFA confederation.

FIFA Official Match Agency are a rarity and only 309 licenses are held worldwide, with only three held in the Republic of Ireland specifically. This latest development should see DB Sports Tours continue to develop the company, helping spread the quality of Irish football not only throughout the country but now worldwide.
For more information on how DB Sports Tours plan on utilising the FIFA Official Match Licence keep an eye on the official blog here.

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