DB Sports and David Berber enters the US Soccer Market

DB Sports expands to the US

DB Sports and David Berber enters the US Soccer Market

Over the next two weeks we will ask our managing director a quick fire round of questions on his experience in the US and how he envisages replicating his successful business in the states through his extensive contacts in the professional game.

  • Can you list the places you visited ?

New York, New Jersey, Boston, Dallas, San Diego, Las Vegas, UTAH and Toronto

  • What the differences between the U.S and Irish market??

The main difference between the US market and the Irish market is that they financial invest in their children’s future and soccer education. Everything in Ireland is left to chance and volunteers. My philosophy on life is that I invest in my education to develop as an entrepeneur and as a person. When development is left to volunteers and no one is rewarded your results in the long term is not the same. I feel good Irish coaches should be rewarded for the work they perform. Once you pay someone then you can analyse them and assess them but when it’s a volunteer it’s difficult and unfair to do this.

  • What was the best place you visited??

For me it was Dallas and California. The hunger and desire for soccer in these two states was unbelievable. Dallas is a sports state with the likes of FC Dallas and the Dallas cowboys so its in their blood. California was another hot bed with massive events like the Surf Cup (1,200+ teams) competing over 40+ pitches was amazing to see. The East Coast had lots to offers especially with its ex-pat connections but the bad winter weather means your resorted to limited training unless you can find an indoor facility. Each state had something to offer but Dallas and California for me.

  • What were the difference in Irish facilities to US ones you seen??

I think we have some amazing facilities in Ireland. Oscar Traynor Road, Shannowen Road, Baldonnel to name but a few. The only difference in the states is the local town councils invest in sport facilities and then the local teams can use these for training and games. I just wish the Irish government would do something similar as there is nowhere for Irish kids to play ball anymore.

DB Sports expands to the US

DB Sports expands to the US



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