Champions Cup 2016 – All Participants Confirmed

Champions Cup 2016 – All Participants Confirmed

The Champions Cup offers youngsters a unique opportunity, an opportunity to take on teams from the whole island of Ireland. While at its heart this remains a football tournament, it is certainly one to be applauded, not least for it’s breaking down of barriers.

Set in Armagh City’s grounds on December 27th later this year; boys from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will compete at the annual Champions Cup, now in its 5th year running.

In the past two weeks we have brought you a complete list of the teams from the Republic of Ireland’s representatives who compete in the Schoolboy Football Association of Ireland (SFAI), while last week we previewed some of the teams who will represent Northern Ireland, playing in the Northern Ireland Football Boys Association (NIFBA).

Since then we have finally had confirmation of the NIFBA representatives, with all youth leagues now concluded. As many will know – but inevitably some won’t yet – the Champions Cup sets up the winners of leagues from both the SFAI and NIFBA for four age-groups; under-12, under 13, under-14 and under-15.

The four SFAI representatives are as follows: Cherry Orchard (under-12), Belvedere FC (under-13), St. Joseph’s Boys (under-14) and St. Kevin’s Boys (under-15). Meanwhile the four NIFBA representatives are the following: Glentoran (under-12), Dungannon United Youth (under-13), Linfield (under-14) and Cliftonville (under-15).

Although the Champions Cup remains several months away, preparations can now get into full flow with all teams now confirmed, as well as the venue and date for the annual competition. For more information on the Champions Cup or indeed any of our ongoing work here at DB Sports Tours keep an eye on the busy blog here.

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